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To be able to provide this service, the Kitchen needs a large group of volunteers (approximately 100) to procure and store the food and supplies, prepare and serve the food, clean up and maintain the building and handle the administrative duties.

 We are currently in need of additional help.  Some of our current staffing have been with the Kitchen for many years, some even from the beginning.  Some have recently retired, others plan to do so shortly as the demands of work catches up to age and physical limitations.  Therefore, we need new volunteers in all areas of service, with a special need for cooks and maintenance help. 

 Hours are normally 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM.  Some volunteers work one day per week; others every other week; still others just one day per month.

Won’t you please consider donating your time and effort as you are able, so we may continue to fulfill this important charitable mission.  The many “thank you for the food” comments that our clients say to us daily, is a constant reminder of why we volunteer to work at the Kitchen.

For further information or to join our family of volunteers, please contact us at [email protected]